Ladies with a Mission provides much needed everyday items to the less recognized emergency shelters for woman and children and Veteran homes in our local community. Our work is based solely on itemized and monetary donations and total volunteered time.
Our Mission

 It is our hope to create awareness of the less fortunate in our community and lend them the hand that they need to stop suffering.
Who We Are

 Margaret Maso is a small business owner with 3 children and 2 grand children. Her last community commitment was the Island Heart Food Pantry in Middle Island. There she helped raise community awareness of an on going, ever growing, food shortage. The pantry grew in size thanks to her hard work to receive donations. While devoting her energy to this much needed project, she noticed that there were many shelters in the surrounding area that are not taken notice of,or need to stay anonymous, but they need supplies and items to get them through everyday life.

Barbara Kjaerbye is a school teacher in the community, and a mother of two. She has always supported Margaret in her endeavors, and decided that she wanted to work by her side to do something caring for others. After hearing about local shelters not having food, or hats and gloves, or even pillows to sleep on, she decided it was time to help

Together, these two woman started out with collecting personal hygiene products for the shelters. This quickly advanced as they noticed many other items that are not easily accessible, or cost a lot of money. They are now asking for much needed assistance during these difficult times.

How You Can Help
 Monetary Donations
 Spreading the word to your family, friends, and Social Media
 Personal Hygiene Products
 New Bed Pillows
 Hats, Gloves, Scarves for Women, Children, and Vets
 Gift Cards for Teenagers for the Holidays
 Thanksgiving Food Donations or Grocery Gift Cards
 Love and Positive Thoughts
For more information please contact:
 Margaret Maso- (631)744-6555  e-mail: margaretmaso@hotmail.com
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